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The small indie studio that

was created ex nihilo.

ExNi Games was founded by Daniel Lagoe and Dallas Drapeau in early 2019. Our goal for ExNi Games is to inspire passion driven game development and push the limits of both imagination and innovation. We do this through our uncompromising pursuit to make quality games and push the boundaries of game development by harnessing new and old technologies or ideas in distinct ways.


Vision & Commitment

Sticking to our ideal's with a unique and unwavering vision we blaze the trail ahead to create memorable experiences.


Creativity Unbound

Passion and ingenuity with no shortcuts, a few things that sets us apart from the rest. We won't settle for mediocre or unoriginal content.

Out of Nothing

    “Out of nothing” is a truly important phrase one must ponder when considering life in regards to philosophy, science, and metaphysics. Even more important though is that same phrase being applied to a small game development company of course.
With a team from all over the world that was formed out of nothing, ExNi Games has surpassed the threshold of mere ideas and is creating the cutting edge game, Descent into Madness.